Gold lipstick for everyone. (hOlidaze uPdatez)

by kkmeow

I will start with what is most important:
I was working at the coffee shop yesterday and served this lady that had on the most fabulous gold lipstick that would be perfect for New Years festivities (… or New Years babysitting if I never find anything fun to do…)!! She was so nice and showed me the tube and told me where in the mall to find it. But do you know what the other two girls in the shop said to me when she left? That I should not wear gold lipstick because “it is for black girls”. Really? Wait isn’t it like……. almost 2011? Doesn’t that make us about……….. forty seven years since the civil rights act? And….. you are telling me not to wear something because of my skin color? It wasn’t even that they didn’t think it matched my skin tone or anything like that. It was because “white girls don’t wear things like that”. That is absolutely ab.s.u.r.d. I am human. You are human. She is human. Lipstick isn’t human. It doesn’t fucking care what race I am. So maybe we could act like that. Like humans. Just once. For Christmas.

If you are racist in 2011 you are stupid. And you don’t give a fuck about humanity. Good job. We are stuck in this stupid post civil rights lull because of you. YOU KNOW WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ALL THE SAME NOW. You know that’s what we were GOING FOR. You know you’re ruining it. You’re ruining it.

(Thank God for blog rants, right?)
I can’t wait to buy my gold lipstick and wear it with my gold shoes and just trY to say something.


Oh and it’s Christmas eve. That means……
I have a lot of gifts to wrap. I can’t decide how I feel about Christmas gifts. Sometimes I think this is all just materialism and we’re buying each other useless shit because we are obligated to because we’ve just made it that way, and that it is all very silly and stress inducing. Well yes. I do feel that way. All of the time. But I think there is something very beautiful about very carefully choosing or making something special for someone. Perhaps the love I put into choosing my gifts brings them a tiny bit higher on the gift scale than wherever buying a shit ton of expensive things ranks (cough cough mom cough cough just give me love cough cough). I hope Brother reads his new book. I hope Daddy thinks of how I’m the best when he wears his t-shirt. I hope maybe my mom’s new perfume will intoxicate her into not getting so pissy toward me in 2011. And I hope when Brandon wears his new sweater he thinks about how I miss him.

My sisters and their kids will get to town tomorrow. I am worried about my oldest sister a little. She has recently found herself raising four kids alone, and I know she can do it because she can do anything, but I want her to be happy. She is so beautiful and strong, why has all this happened to her? It is not fair. My niece deserves a father. It is not fair.

Also, the day after tomorrow Brandon will come to town and meet my family. Blog, that makes me feel so strange. This was not my plan, a boyfriend was not in my plan at all. How did this even happen? I was fully envisioning myself attending this year’s family Christmas party dateless. Just two months ago Uncle Richard finally gave up interrogating me about my love life because I’d told him over and over that I hated boys and was not interested in any… And now I have this boyfriend that I think about perpetually? This is crazy. But sometimes you just have to let go of your old plans for something better. And this is better. It’s funny, because my life really isn’t any different. And I think that’s why it is good. Blog, I hope it works out. I hope everything is wonderful when he visits. Oh and I really hope said older sister does not harass him too much.

I have been practicing non-jealousy because Allie gets to leave for India in two days. I told her to say yes to everything. She better.


I’m off. Namaste to all.
xoxoxo meow