Two thousand & eleven

by kkmeow

Happy new year!

My NYE….. I was supposed to babysit and it was cancelled/ended up partYing with a bunch of strangers in Jackson. We drank vodka tonics and talked about how we’re going to be famous. I went swimming in a heated pool at midnight, and was grooving in my bikini and tux jacket  for da rest of the night… Appropriate first moments of 2011/I’d say.
New year’s resolution: get famous/die trying (New Year’s resolutions are stupid except for this one)

Angelina, Vogue 2004, flyin~!!

marc you’re still my favorite

“These people have already attained, at whatever age, a degree of celebrity that you assholes will never reach, and you feel, deep down, that because there is no life before or after this, that fame is essentially, God- all you people know that, believe it, even if you don’t admit it.. you thought you should be him, that his lines were yours.. You all want to be famous, you want to be rockstars, but you’re stuck in this terrible bind, where you also want to be thought of as smart, legitimate, permanent” -D. Eggers/phrom a book I vant to vread/Thanx James