swing swag swung

by kkmeow

I’ve been in such a slump, and it’s pretty obvious that the reason for this is that for the first time, all of my ‘problems’ are completely self-imposed. I’ve been fighting with myself over absolutely everything.

We have so much responsibility as the ‘class’ with the most resources, but being in this place gives us a whole new set of problems– instead of material issues we are faced with the guilt and weight of being able to help yet not helping, or not helping enough. Then we have to ask ourselves what is more pressing, to tend to our own self-inflicted psychological ailments, or to ignore them and focus on what’s going on beyond ourselves.. But it seems to me that if we continually ignore our personal issues because we think they are unwarranted, it only makes our privileged repression an even larger obstruction in the end. So how do we fix ourselves without feeling shameful? Why do we feel so shameful, always?

Or am I just alone in this?

Independence is a myth.


Loneliness= ultimate #firstworldproblem