Petition to Change Name of Group

by kkmeow

(I didn’t really write this, just assembled language that was already there around an idea that was already there. I stole it from the deadbeats in the spirit of deadbeats. thnx deadbeatz.)

If we changed it, we might
commission someone to manufacture
bumper stickers or memes. But

the assembly counters
in eruptive mumbles: we’re deadbeats,
remember? We don’t commission
anything! Huddle perspective

seldom grants the reflectivity
essential to sense our mounting
frequency of poseur:

For example,
certain Deadbeat Collective members
are deescalating in laziness; And rather
than eject our more industrious
cohorts, should we not consider Value
Reassessment, and adjust our name

Well, what do you have in mind,
Bob? Perhaps
the upbeat collective?
Upbeat corrective.
upbeat dialectic, pediatric
acoustic dissonance, Aesthetic
Corrective? Manic Corrective.
passive protective.

General Defectives.

(Generally, defective sounds
like a deadbeat—therein’s the joke.)
Oh yeah. The Quiet Directive?

Indecisive perfective, the snooty
selective,influence effective, confluence

The aural infective.