by kkmeow

She came in from California with nothing but hot pink lipstick and a two year old. She shook when she spoke and said the father was the reason she left, the reason she couldn’t bear to stay. She was painfully unreliable. Eventually we realized her mother was dying of cancer and refused treatment, and that she had a relentless crush on Andy. She much preferred her job at the mall handing out perfume samples. One day I walked into the break room and heard her confess it all to our manager. The father was married, and she was his nanny until he got her pregnant. He tried to convince her to stay and that his wife would never suspect a thing. She couldn’t bear it; she loved him too much, she said. Here in Mississippi her dying mother would watch the child while she slacked off at her dead end jobs.  She knew she had to quit this job and she didn’t know where she would go next, but that if she moved back to California he may find her a job and a place to stay.  When the father who never paid any support finally flew in to see his daughter, they all huddled into a cheap hotel room and played family just this once. Now she was here to tell my manager that he had done it again. She was carrying a new one. She said that if Hannah were to have a sibling, now was the time.