by kkmeow

by Dean Rader

It all began the morning Toad greeted him with What up?
Leave it to Toad to turn breakfast into performance.
But, then he forgot to Tivo Dancing with the Stars.  Again.
You can picture the scene: a remote, a fireplace. A lavalamp,

a hurl. See glass and gloop shatter. See Toad and wall weep.
Rage is the mother of beauty, thinks Frog.  But, tell that to Toad
who got punched for spilling beer in the fly pudding.  See Toad
watch Oprah. See Toad pray for guidance. Hi God, it’s me, Toad!

The ecstatic conquest of the awful leads to salvation. Just ask Jesus.
See the Christ’s whipchord. See the Christ drive the tax-man from
the temple. Go ask Jesus about thaw and burn.  Better yet, ask Frog

about the socket of desire.  Woo-wee it’s dark in there. See Frog want.
Rage is the stepson of ruin; the fuckbuddy of sorrow.  See Toad deal.
See the peace that passeth.  Tell Toad it’s not about survival but resurrection.