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I would just like to personally thank the Purple & White for choosing this really professional and pretty photo of me jejelol

Purple and White


by Kristen Lucas, senior Millsaps student

Last semester, Lucas and her classmates were asked to complete a project exploring lived gender & sexuality at Millsaps College. Students were not asked to cover all of campus life but to focus their articles on specific areas, issues and/or people. This piece is included in this series of projects.

Author’s note: This piece is an extended look into the life of one Millsaps student. Names have been changed to protect my subjects. Although this is nonfiction, it is more narrative than traditional investigative journalism. The information was gathered over several months of extended, personal interviews with Eliot.

The word would brand him flawed, dirty, a disappointment to his family, to God, and to himself. It word would raise a wall between him and his father and stir his mother’s weeping. The word took root in his skull and laced every thought with its echo…

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