infinity on repeat

"It is the imagination pressing back against the pressure of reality. It seems, in the last analysis, to have something to do with our self-preservation; and that, no doubt, is why the expression of it, the sound of its words, helps us to live our lives.”

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A clip from my new short film

from Throwing Glitter at the Void…. a nonfiction lyric essay film

Shot during hurricane Isaac in Jackson, MS


L’âge d’or

Luis Bunuel's L’âge d’or

down the documentary rabbit hole

“A post-modern ethnography is a cooperatively evolved text consisting of fragments of discourse intended to evoke in the minds of both reader and writer an emergent fantasy of a possible world of common-sense reality, and thus to provoke an aesthetic integration that will have a therapeutic effect. It is, in a word, poetry – not in its textual form, but in its return to the original context and function of poetry, which, by means of its performative break with everyday speech, evoked memories of the ethos of the community and thereby provoked hearers to act ethically.” –Stephen Tyler, from “Post Modern Ethnography: From Document of the Occult to Occult Document”

“…although the universal juridicism of modern society seems to fix limits on the exercise of power, its universally widespread panopticism enables it to operate, on the underside of the law, a machinery that is both immense and minute, which supports, reinforces, multiplies the asymmetry of power and undermines the limits that are traced around the law. The minute disciplines, the panopticisms of everyday, may well be below the level of emergence of the great apparatuses and the great political struggles.” –Michel Foucault

Trash on the sidewalk


photo essay of me travelz in yucatan, mexico.

aliens are artists

a swirly story

baby clip from my short film..
the song is ghost riding the whip by the electro~dreamy blithe field ❤

Some tea comes sweet

“The movement in Mississippi is nothing but art.”

A short documentary on the fight for gay rights in Jackson

How to be a dreamer~

Experimental short.
“Just because something happens in your mind doesn’t mean it is any less real”

at the Eiffel tower, staring at people

Looking for Water

Silent short of our journey from Canterbury to the English Channel in Dover



superstar stranger boy

british cutie covering lupe fiasco on the street in canterbury